Andrea Spink
Art Psychotherapist



I welcome an opportunity to talk through any concerns or questions that you might have.  This will help you get an idea of me and help you think about whether you would like to have an initial session.  Getting the right fit is important for you, I do this by a no-charge phone consultation before any initial meeting is arranged.

If we both feel a first meeting would be helpful, we will arrange a mutually convenient time where we can explore what brought you to therapy and what you hope to get from it.  This helps us come to a shared understanding of where you want to focus.  If at this stage you decide to continue, I will ask you to complete a short form with your contact details and an agreement on the day and time we’ll meet.  You may know how many sessions you want from the start or this is something we can review as we go.


I have 27 years of experience of running groups, first in adult and young people’s education and then as a Community Artist.  Since 2005 I have worked with art psychotherapy groups in community mental health. 

Groups can offer the potential to look at yourself in relationship with others in an immediate way. People often begin to connect more deeply and meaningfully with themselves and each other.

Some initial, gentle guidance will be offered to help the group bond and feel safe.  My approach is non-directive, however individuals may wish to work with personal themes.  These can become more focused and they often evolve and suggest other directions to go in.

Please call to express your interest in joining a group.


I offer presentations on art therapy to outside agencies and I am also available to host one-off workshops or short term groups that may run over a few weeks or months.  Please contact me to explore further.