Andrea Spink
Art Psychotherapist

Frequently asked questions

What is Art Psychotherapy?

Art psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that can offer another means of communication.  In Western society we have predominantly given greater credence to verbal, logical, left-side brain thinking states over non-verbal more intuitive expression. The right brain can become more difficult to access as we grow up, but using art materials can help yield information from the unconscious, which shows us what is inside.  Offering us a window into our inner world, supporting self-discovery and connection.  

What happens in a session?

People often talk and create, some are silent whilst art making and then stop and talk, it’s really up to you how you come to it.  It’s not an art lesson and I won’t judge what you have made, you and I will look at it together and be curious.  Some people make art every session, some choose to some of the time, some rarely.  I respond to what you bring to each session, I have a flexible approach, working with words, art making – what feels possible in the moment.

What happens to my art?

I keep your art safe between sessions, in locked storage.  Occasionally we will find it helpful to look at your artwork altogether, to see how things are progressing.  At the end, you can take all your art away with you or leave it with me to confidentially dispose of.

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